FGFIT Fourth Annual Team Series

FGFIT is introducing Team competitions at our Box! These competitions are designed to challenge and enhance each athlete's performance level while sparking a little friendly competition and camaraderie at FGCF. Each competition will consist of 4 WOD's based on strength, skill, and metabolic conditioning to be completed by a 3-person team of your choosing. Each Team must have at least 1 female athlete. Each team will compete in one of two divisions:
Division Rx - All WOD's must be performed as prescribed “Whether your team consist of two men and one women or two women and one man”
Division Scaled - WOD's will be scaled based on programming recommendations

WOD with your team, at the Box, as often as possible between Now and October 13th. We encourage you to use your training sessions to become familiar with each team members strengths and weaknesses and to become comfortable working together. The workouts will be announced on 9/14/2017. This will give you 1 month to train with your team and strategize on the movements.

Compete on a Saturday morning against other teams from the Box. These competitions are designed to be challenging but FUN! We envision laughter and cheers as our athletes push themselves to their limit...and probably a PR or two!
Step 4: TRIUMPH!
We’re confident that each team will feel triumphant and proud for participating in, and finishing, their task. The winning team gets prizes too!

October 14, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 20 Capacity: 20
Event Price: $105.00
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